ダグラス 41歳

I can see a future with the person I'm currently going out with
When I originally signed up for OZMATCH, I really didn't know what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get along and talk to all of the girls.

Thanks to the speed dating events that Ms. Misao regularly hosts, I've talked to a lot of different people, and it's a great experience. While it's hard to know in the early stages of a relationship, I can see a future with the person I'm currently going out with.

------- Three months later --------

It feels right
I know nothing is guaranteed in the future, but with Miho everytime we talk and spend time together it feels right and we don't like being apart from each other. I'm lucky to have found Miho.

ジェームス 41歳

I found who I have waited my life to meet
I've just booked a flight to Osaka and am already excited!!!

I've told Nico the main reason I want to go to Japan is to meet her parents as I believe it's important if she moves to Australia next year. If I were a father, I'd hate to have a daughter move to another country with a guy I'd never even met.

I was only saying to her the other night that I can't believe I held onto Misao’s business card that my friend gave me so many years ago.

I joined OZMATCH this year and found who I believe is the person I have waited my life to meet.

Nico and I have been fantastic together and have decided that we are meant for each other. A very big, big thankyou to Misao and OZMATCH for our introduction.

I can't describe how happy I am and I've had nothing but a smile on my face since our OMIAI ( first date).

トーマス 44歳

She was the one I had been looking for in my life
I often wondered what it would be like having a Japanese girlfriend. However, as the years went past, I always thought it would remain a dream and nothing more. That is, until I found OZMATCH and met Ayaka in an OMIAI (first meeting).

Before I met Ayaka, I could not imagine how my life would change or rather what I was really missing in my life. When I first met Ayaka in my OMIAI, something just clicked and I found her both beautiful, interesting and easy to talk to. Though there was a little nervousness, it felt very natural and relaxed talking to her no matter what topic we discussed.

At the end of the OMIAI I really wanted to talk more with Ayaka and it did not take long after the OMIAI for me to realise that she was the one I had been looking for in my life.

I could not have hoped to find a better match for me than Ayaka and I find myself both fortunate and thankful to OZMATCH for bringing her into my life.

ジェフリー 40歳

On New Year’s Eve, I proposed and she said Yes
After many years of being single, I found OZMATCH and decided to give it a try because of the Japanese personalised service. After a year of OZMATCH, I met my Japanese partner, Yu.

Because of COVID, we first met on Zoom, an OZMATCH Online OMIAI (a first meeting). After a month, she came to Brisbane which allowed us to communicate much better and progress the relationship.

Unfortunately, due to COVID we weren’t able to meet again for another 6 months. However, we talked about many things such as our future, so on New Year’s Eve while she was visiting, I proposed, and she said “Yes”.

Before I proposed I was nervous, and I was extremely worried about how long she took to reply but I was relieved when she said “Yes”. Now we are married!!  Thanks to Misao san for the happy ending.

ゆうた 40歳

We both are Japanese but have never met in Japan
We have both lived in Sydney for three years and had never met until we joined OZMATCH. It took us 40 years to find each other.

When we had not yet met, both she and I had to overcome difficulties and loneliness alone. But now we don't have to do it alone because we have each other.

We talk all the time and we always laugh when we talk. We feel that as long as we are together, we can live laughing all the time and we think this is what happiness is all about.

We are very happy to have met in Australia, a country we love. And we are grateful to OZMATCH for bringing us together.

ロバート 48歳

I knew I had found the right person for me
I tried the online/app dating scene with limited success. I work from home most of the time now so the opportunities for meeting people are quite limited. The days of meeting new people at work or when travelling to or from work are over. So I had pretty much given up.

Around this time my daughter was studying Japanese so I started learning with her as a way we could spend time together. Then I came across Misao's matching service and thought I would try the free trial.

I was not very active in my search until I finally met Misao in person. She explained the process and I finally decided to put some effort in and setup my profile. Then things started to move a lot faster. Misao is quite efficient and I was soon attending speed dating events and meetings arranged by Misao (OMIAI). But I knew I had found the right person for me after our first meeting.

I was reluctant at first to try a long distance relationship, especially during all the COVID travel restrictions, as at that time I couldn't even travel to Sydney. But I persisted as nothing worth doing is ever easy. So from little things big things grow. We started texting online, then video calls every few days, then met in person. Now we video call daily and are making wedding plans.

Thanks Misao, you have brought two families together and have changed our lives for the better.

ティム 39歳

We are now living together and things are going well
When I first found OZMATCH I was a bit skeptical. I had a read through the OZMATCH website and decided to have an online consultation with Misao, the CEO.

I felt more at ease and decided to join an OZMATCH online speed dating event. At the event Misao and her husband Sean asked fun questions which helped everyone relax and lightened the mood.

I met my Japanese partner Aya at the event, and we are now living together! Things are going well, living together feels comfortable and neither of us have found anything that really bothers us about each other.

We met Misao and Sean at a Café for brunch, it was the first time that either of us had met them in person, we all had a great time together.

I get the feeling that Misao started OZMATCH because she genuinely wants to help Japanese ladies who want to find someone to find a partner. Maybe because she has been in their shoes before.

ウェイ 35歳

We had lots of magical feelings and it was like a miracle
Hana and I have spent a few days together now. And every day was a special day for us. We had lots of magical feelings and it was like a miracle.

We made a cake together to commemorate our 1-year anniversary since our OMIAI. It was exactly this day last year that we met for the first time! We had a celebration.

Hana and I have been discussing, and now both of us feel we are certain about each other. We know for sure that we will be with each other for life. We are ready to complete the journey.

I really feel so grateful that I met Hana through you. You make so much happiness for so many couples, and we are one of the examples. It is because of you that Hana and I could find each other.

Words can’t describe how many thanks I want to say to Misao and OZMATCH!

ギャリー 59歳

Soon we will begin our life together, perhaps forever
I was not expecting anything special when I met one of my colleagues for lunch. He told me about a boutique style matchmaking agency run by a Japanese lady, Misao, who lived in Brisbane.

I joined their online speed dating event. Soon after Misao contacted me to say that someone wanted to meet me. Wow, I thought, was this lovely lady really interested in meeting me? I decided to take a punt and agreed to meet her at an OMIAI (first meeting).

When I spoke to her I thought she was a kind and sincere person. It was then that I realised that this could be something that may change my life forever.

Since then we have grown to understand each other, be patient with one another, smooth over all misunderstandings, and gradually fall in love. We will begin our life together, perhaps forever.

ショーン 28歳

I am still shy but now I have someone beside me
I was a shy, 27 years old man who didn’t have much experience with relationships with girls.

I wanted to have my own family and become a good husband and a strong father. That was my dream. Australian girls didn't appeal to me but somehow I felt I could match with Japanese girls. That is why I contacted OZMATCH.

My mum wasn’t happy with my idea of finding a future partner at a matchmaking agency. I understood why my mum was worried but my mind didn’t change and I am proud of the decision I made that day.

Early in the relationship with Ayaka, she sent me a video. She was wearing her Yukata ( a summer seasons’ Kimono). She was so beautiful and I watched it over and again.

While being an OZATCH executive member, Misao gave me a lot of chances to grow and build confidence. I am still shy but now I have someone beside me and that gives me strength. Thank you OZMATCH. Thank you Misao

アラ 38歳

I feel very fortunate that I could meet my partner through OZMATCH
She is intelligent, kind and beautiful.

I met her through a Zoom call initially. Then I got to travel to Japan to meet her in person. She helped organise my visit and places to meet and eat. She is planning to visit me soon.

We understand each other despite the distance and we laugh and care for each other. We keep in touch with messages and video calls. We share silly Japanese emoticons.

I like the way she is passionate about her job, super caring for her cute parrot and that has a high-quality taste in sushi and beer. I love the affection and warmth we share and I look forward to building a quality life together.

Thank you Misao and OZMATCH team for all your help!

ジェフリー 61歳

I'm the happiest man to have met my Japanese partner
I went to a wedding earlier this year and friends said " Mate what are you doing, find yourself someone and enjoy the rest of your life."

I thought about it for a month and decided - ok, I've been fortunate to have travelled a bit had found Japanese women very striking when visiting several years before.

I found OZMATCH offered a matchmaking service, - in lieu of dating websites. I joined and viewed the photos and bios before selecting a lady, I hoped might give me a chance.

The OMIAI, nearly 3 hours went quickly and I thought we got on well. I was thrilled - when she agreed to continue meeting me.

Our video chats and messaging continued every day for a month - during which I realised I had met someone who was happy, a lot of fun, interesting and shared similar views on society and life.

After 6 weeks - I decided to apply for a single person visa into Japan, not an easy proposition and after 3 attempts was successful.

10 weeks after our first meeting, we met at the airport. Wow, everything I imagined was real. We spent 8 days together, the saddest part was leaving Japan on that Saturday night.

I was a little skeptical on meeting someone - on a matchmaking agency, on the other side of the world, who's first language is not English.

My daughters, close mates and even female friends are happy I made a decision to find someone. But I'm the happiest one to have met my Japanese partner.

けんたろう 33歳

We live together in Australia now, and we enjoy our life
I first met Yuri via OZMATCH OMIAI (first meeting). My first impression was that she is a beautiful, smart and nice woman whom I have been looking for. I instantly told Misao that I wanted to develop a relationship with her, and I am glad that happened.

While she planned to come to Australia to meet me in person, due to COVID she could not make it. However, we have developed a great relationship even in difficult circumstances thanks to OZMATCH’s support.

Eventually, we came to live together in Australia and we are enjoying our new life together. Thank you so much OZMATCH and Misao!

ピーター 41歳

OZMATCH helped me to find the woman I dream to marry
First of all, I want to thank OZMATCH and Misao-san. You help me to find the woman I dream to marry.

She is beautiful, well-educated and humble. Most importantly, she loves learning.

I remember when I introduced AFL to her, she is so interested and listened to the radio broadcast of the whole game. Now we start to watch the games together through online streaming.

The world is so big and full of amazing things. To be able to learn and explore it together is really wonderful.

When I joined OZMATCH, I don’t know what to expect. Now I can’t stop thinking of her. We chat every day and I plan to go to Japan this year to meet her.

I can’t thank you enough. Also in every consultation meeting, Misao-san is always on time and gives me really good advice. Your professionalism truely reflects Japanese culture.

ジョン 41歳

Misao is very warm, intelligent, sincere, emotionally astute and skillfu
I would like to thank Misao san and OZMATCH support team for helping me on this journey.

I was of course extremely skeptical at the onset, but after meeting Misao on Zoom all my fears soon dissipated.

Misao is very warm, very intelligent, sincere, emotionally astute, caring, hardworking and skillful at her trade. Without her help I wouldn’t be where I am today romantically.

I pretty much met someone amazing within a month of joining and we are getting to know each other very well and have trips planned to Japan and Australia respectively.

Personally I think a culturally diverse relationship is the best thing I’ve ever done! It’s really fun. I believe I have a friend for life with Misao san and have no reservations in recommending OZMATCH to anyone.

Stop wondering and do it!

マシュー 30歳

Misao-san doesn't treat you like a number
I've been on multiple dates but I haven't been able to find the right one. I was starting to accept the fact that I'll either never find someone or it will take a long time. I then stumbled across OZMATCH.

At first, I was very hesitant. Am I willing to spend so much money to rely on someone else to find someone for me? However, It's worth it. Misao-san truly cares about her clients, Australian or Japanese.

She doesn't treat you like a number and keeps in touch with everyone for updates and even offers advice. She's very good at what she does and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure everyone's happiness such as organising online events etc.

I have full confidence that Misao-san can help people find true love.

ショーン 42歳

I have no doubt that I will meet my life partner soon at OZMATCH
When I had a consultation with Misao-san, I was really impressed by how kind and helpful she was. During the consultation, she gave me sincere advice on my worries and difficulties, just like a big sister, and I really appreciated that.

She is very quick to respond and takes care of her members with a sense of responsibility. I haven't found my life partner yet, but I have no doubt that I will meet my life partner soon at OZMATCH, where they treat me like family.

ダリル 34歳

OZMATCH has changed people’s lives for the better
I’ve known OZMATCH for almost 2 years and I've watched that OZMATCH has changed people’s lives for the better. People have met their significant other through it.

Misao is a great person, empathetic, and has a very positive outlook in life. She shared a bit of her life with us and I find it incredible she overcame many challenges.I want to be like her in some ways.

She really is a great writer and I find some topics she writes fairly interesting. I will never forget her message「一期一会」as it holds some value in my heart. I am a very simple person, and have a simple dream of having my own family someday.

------- Six months later --------
I’ve never met such as an amazing woman in my life

I have been with OZMATCH for awhile now, I have met some very nice ladies but I don’t really felt a deep connection with them.

The very last day of last year, I was having lunch by myself when i suddenly received an OMIAI ( a first date) request. Honestly speaking, I was not expecting it.

I read her profile and was taken a back by “You only live once” phrase. I could not see her profile picture at that time but up until now I wanted my life to really change.

I believe I have grown a bit since the first time I’ve been with OZMATCH so I decided to take a risk wanting to meet her.

During the OMIAI, I was really taken aback by how our way of thinking are very similar to each other. Even our upbringings were quite similar!

We communicate everyday, no matter how trivial the matter is, I’m always amazed at how empathetic and understanding she is.

I’ve never met such as an amazing person in my life. Everyday, we feel closer with each other. Thank you Misao san !!!

ステファン 35歳

OZMATCH has been a wonderfully supportive and enjoyable experience for me
After years of frustration with online dating, I feel that OZMATCH is a very friendly community, with careful guidance and a great support network. There are many opportunities to speak to lovely people and I’m very happy to be part of such a comfortable and warm service.

I definitely recommend OZMATCH to anyone who has not yet found their perfect match and could benefit from professional and quality service.

ジェフリー 61歳

She is 200% more than I thought she would be
We ended up talking for three hours at the OMIAI which was surprising how quickly time passed. I’m surprised that she has been to Australia previously, could swim really well and enjoys a variety of foreign foods.

She is 200% more than I thought she would be, gorgeous, smiles and laughs and her English is pretty good. She is an exceptional lady, hopefully our friendship can grow -maybe into something more.

She has really opened my eyes to what it might be. I was and still am knocked over by her.

------- One week later --------
( Jeffrey completed his journey with OZMATCH happyly. He is now ready to marry Naoko.)

ジェームス 41歳

I would love to think she is the girl I will be with
Wow....Misao, I don't want to say too much yet as it's only new but wow, you have introduced me to the perfect person in my eyes.

We have so much in common and have a very similar way of thinking. We both have said we believe you have done an amazing job introducing us to each other. I would love to think she is the girl I will be with, and I'd love to have her in my life and build a beautiful relationship and hopefully marriage.

I want this in my life now. I did say to her, in a way, that I want that. I would like to hope she is the one I grow old with...... Thank you Misao. I appreciate what you have done for me.

------- Three months later --------
( James completed his journey with OZMATCH. He is now with Nico.)

ウェイ 35歳

I found my deepest connection on OZMATCH
For years, I’ve wished to find a committed partner to share enduring happiness. I tried dating through many channels but luck wasn’t on my side. It was almost hopeless for me, until I ran into OZMATCH.

Misao-san has great instincts and could quickly tell what kind of a man I am and what type of woman would match with me. She carefully listened to my needs and gave me invaluable guidance and support. Through her assistance, I finally found the love of my life. It wasn’t easy to understand a lady from another culture or to communicate across various barriers.

Misao-san and the OZMATCH team know best about these challenges, and they shared useful knowledge from their experiences to help me go through the process. They were a great bridge between the Japanese lady and me. I surely am a lucky man, and I am grateful that I found my deepest connection here through OZMATCH.

Now I can finally launch a new happy chapter of life with my special someone.

------- Six months later --------
( Wei completed his journey with OZMATCH. He is now with Hana.)
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